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Audio, Video and Furniture Rental


We are suppliers of exhibition stand design & build services, audio-visual equipment and furniture hire. We provide professional stand design, build and hire services to companies and exhibitors for events across the UAE. Additionally, all of their equipment is available with excellent quality and premium care.

We supply hire furniture of excellent quality to events in dubai, exhibitions in Dubai, conferences, events in Dubai etc. to venues in all over UAE. Our company was established in 1990 and we now hold of extensive furniture stock, have developed a large fleet of transport which is managed by well trained and dedicated warehouse and experienced delivery staff and employ a very successful sales team who will be more than happy to take your orders or deal with enquiries for the next exhibition or event happen here in Dubai, or all over united Arab emirates..

We believe that furniture also has to have an impact on every event. Unique experience, engaging, Elevating experiences and sparking people everywhere with our expertise is our desire. With a creative-led approach and dedicated superior service we ensure your event or exhibition stands out from the competitors.

Audio, video, renting furniture
Hire exhibition furniture in Dubai and UAE

Design your dream exhibition with beautiful furniture, zero hassle, and the best rental price with offers. It's not just about how you choose your armchair. Our designers handpick pieces that complement one another and enhance the daily activities that make your space office. From the initial glance to the last detail of your delivery, they're ready to assist you in creating an environment that feels completely unique to you.

We'll be on hand to answer questions as you rent and to discuss those extremely personal decisions that come with furnishing your space. And our delivery team doesn't just leave boxes at your door; we put everything together and double-check that every screw, rug pad, and pillow cover is in position.

Custom Build & Design Studio

  • Trussing Hire
  • Graphics for exhibition in dubai
  • Floor covering for exhibition stands in dubai
  • Chair hire / Stool hire / Table hire in dubai
  • Soft seating / office furniture in dubai
  • Illuminated furniture hire in dubai
  • Combination furniture hire in dubai
  • Exhibition accessories hire in dubai
  • Showcase hire in dubai
  • Outdoor furniture range hire in dubai

FAQ - General Questions

Speed of delivery, always in stock, hassle-free and convenient, decreases the budget, and sustainability.

It will depend on your event.

Visit the contact page and contact one of our agents from Dubai.

Most of our products come from premium manufacturers in the UAE.